There are over 50+ Bash-it themes to pick from in $BASH_IT/themes. The default theme is bobby. Set BASH_IT_THEME to the theme name you want, or if you’ve developed your own custom theme outside of $BASH_IT/themes, point the BASH_IT_THEME variable directly to the theme file. To disable theming completely, leave the variable empty.


# Use the "powerline-multiline" theme
export BASH_IT_THEME="powerline-multiline"

# Use a theme outside of the Bash-it folder
export BASH_IT_THEME="/home/foo/my_theme/my_theme.theme.bash"

# Disable theming
export BASH_IT_THEME=""

You can easily preview the themes in your own shell using bash-it preview.

If you’ve created your own custom prompts, we’d love it if you shared them with everyone else! Just submit a Pull Request. You can see theme screenshots on wiki/Themes.

NOTE: Bash-it and some themes use UTF-8 characters, so to avoid strange behavior in your terminal, set your locale to LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 or the equivalent to your language if it isn’t American English.

List of Themes

See here.

Theme Switches & Variables

Command duration

Prints last command duration


Command duration can be enabled by exporting BASH_IT_COMMAND_DURATION:


The default configuration display last command duration for command lasting one second or more. You can customize the minimum time in seconds before command duration is displayed in your .bashrc:


Contributing a new theme

See the instructions.